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With the inspiration of Smt. Vidyawati and Master Dharamitr, a small institution was formed on 17th December, 1932. The school was started with capital of Rs. 9.50 only with 12 girls as students and one teacher. But soon after 6 months, it became a part of government institution (grant in aid).

In 1949, Maharani Suraj Kaur donated Dharamshala for the school. In 1950, school started with middle class education. In 1965, Smt. Sudershan Kalra became the Principal and took all the responsibilities of this institution. In 1967 all the economic help was given by the government. Then in 1968, 9th standard and in 1969, 10th standard got started. And in 1988-89 all the senior classes were introduced.

For 20 years, Shri Ved Prakash Bhalla has stayed as a manager followed by Smt. Shakuntla Bhalla for 6 years and managed all the work and responsibilities. Currently, Smt. Sangeeta Bhalla is working as a manager and Mrs. Poonam Sekhri as a Principal.

All the success of this institution is surely because of the management, Principal and the hardworking teachers for giving so much effort and dedication towards this institution.